Our goal is to make people’s lives easier without sacrificing taste!

Like most innovative products, it is a problem that feeds the inspiration. “As a semi-professional athlete, I’ve struggled my whole life trying to keep up with a proper and balanced diet. It didn’t take me long to understand that I couldn’t deal with all the prepping, cooking and cleaning every day. I thought…there must be a way to have healthy, tasty, long lasting and ready to eat food, but how? In order to achieve the results, I wanted, I had to reinvent the whole food concept “- Paolo Cadegiani, SQUAREAT CEO -”

Why Square?

The squared shape is the result of the cooking process needed to achieve our goal. Our meals are portion controlled, already seasoned, portable, long lasting and tasty! Versatility at its finest. In our kitchen we take advantage of thermal shocking, low temperature cooking and vacuum sealing to deliver superior quality meals at an affordable price.

So, how we got here?

Our research and development team spent countless hours in the kitchen perfecting every aspect of the Squares. When recipes were brought to life, the texture was what we worked on the most. Our efforts have paid off as the Squares have reached an even better texture compared to regular foods while preserving their natural peculiarities.

We are eco-sustainable, from production stages to delivery

Our production chain runs on minimal waste in food and energetic resources. We deliver the Squares in a unique compostable cardboard box designed to optimize space. They are individually vacuum-sealed in 100% Recyclable bags, free from BPA (a dangerous chemical called Bisphenol A) and safe for food contact.

During the preparation process we are able to use almost 100% of every single ingredient, something unique in the healthy food business. There is also a significant reduction in terms of waste from the customer’s point of view considering that vacuum sealing our Squares, along with a thermal shocking technique, naturally extends our product’s shelf life up to 2 weeks, maximizing consumption flexibility. Our cooking methods don’t involve the use of any gas, avoiding dangerous combustion. This allows us to preserve food nutrients while cutting down pollution. We take our responsibility in the food industry extremely seriously and are constantly researching ways to minimize our carbon footprint through new technologies, packaging and reducing deliveries.

Meet the team

Paolo Cadegiani

Business Development & Brand

Della Nina

Finance & Accounting

Stefano Bucci

Tech Area & Communication

Maria Laura Vacaflores

Operations & Sourcing

Pietro Carabellese

Marketing & Sales

Tatiana Guglielmi