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Vegan Burger Pack



6x 45g Vegan Burger Square. Soft & Tender plant-based burger

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6x 45g Basmati Rice Square. Seasoned soft patty.
6x 45g Quinoa Square. Seasoned soft patty
6x 45g Sweet Potato Square. Delicious sweet potato patty


6x 45g Broccoli & Spinach Square. Fresh & flavorful mixed greens

6x 45g Asparagus Square. Exquisite & delicate patty
6x 45g Zucchini Square. Seasoned Zucchini patty


6x 45g Chicken Square. Super tender & tasty chicken breast
6x 45g Salmon Square. Flavorful and delicate taste
6x 45g Sea Bass Square. Prime quality fish
6x 45g Beef Square. Soft & Tender burger



6x 45g Vegan Burger Square. Soft & Tender plant-based burger
6x 45g Mix Beans Square. Rich flavored and soft patty
6x 45g Vegan Cheese Square. Slightly buttery, moist & strong flavored plant-based cheese


6x 45g Choco Pancake Square. A delicious pancake with a hint of cocoa
6x 45g Pistachio & Cashew Square. Smooth and tasty
6x 45g Hazelnut Square. Smooth and tasty with a hint of chocolate.
6x 45g Peanut Square. Smooth and tasty