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SQUAREAT is a portion-controlled food for people of any age who are seeking a healthy lifestyle. Our "ready to eat" 45g portions can be combined to create a full meal or complement other recipes. With SQUAREAT, you can fully customize your diet, save time and maximize food variety.


Ready-to-eat premium Squares 

combined in low calorie full meals.



Prime cut beef, green vegetable mix high in vitamins and quality carbs sweet potatoes

10% OFF on the original price

Tender low-fat chicken breast with basmati rice and a mix of legumes.
Savory & rich in Omega-3 salmon, high in fiber vegetables & quality carbs sweet potatoes.
Flavorful legume burger rich in proteins, green veggies and quality carbs sweet potatoes. 
Tender and low-fat chicken breast, high in vitamins green vegetable mix and aromatic Indian rice.


Low temperature pre-cooked, squared portions assorted in convenient packs of 6. 

Perfect to complement other recipes.



6x 45g Asparagus Square. Exquisite & delicate patty

10% OFF on the original price

6x 45g Chicken Square. Super tender & tasty chicken breast

6x 45g Broccoli & Spinach Square. Fresh & flavorful mixed greens

6x 45g Salmon Square. Flavorful and delicate taste
6x 45g Vegan Burger Square. Soft & Tender plant-based burger
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Tatiana Guglielmi

Expert and passionate executive chef with twenty years of experience in the industry. She has gained skills in several types of cooking techniques from all around the world. 

Half Italian half Brazilian her hallmarks are experimentation, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box. 

The attention to detail and the use of raw materials of excellent quality are crucial while creating sophisticated and exciting dishes. 

Her collaboration with SQUAREAT's nutritionists was fundamental in creating a concept as innovative as simple. 

"My motto is Serve edible emotions! I hope you will enjoy the Squares as much as I do!"

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