Our story

Like most innovative products, it is a problem that feeds the inspiration

“As a semi-professional athlete, I’ve struggled my whole life trying to keep up with a proper and balanced diet. It didn’t take me long to understand that I couldn’t deal with all the prepping, cooking and cleaning everyday. I thought...there must be a way to have a healthy, tasty, long lasting and ready to eat food, but How? In order to achieve the results I wanted, I had to reinvent the whole food concept “ - Paolo Cadegiani, SQUAREAT CEO -"

Why Square?

The squared shape is the result of the cooking process needed to achieve our goals. Think about it: portion controlled, already seasoned, portable, long lasting and tasty! We are able to run a mass production while using innovative gourmet techniques. Thermal shocking, low temperature cooking and vacuum sealing packing allow us to produce a superior quality food and sell it at an affordable price.

So, how we got here?

Our research and development team spent countless hours in the kitchen perfecting the Squares under every aspect. When recipes were brought to life, the texture was something we worked on the most. Our efforts have paid off as the Squares reached an even better texture compared to regular food. We focused on developing techniques that allowed us to standardize foods while preserving their natural peculiarities.

The future of the "ready to eat" food

We strongly believe that “Square” is an attractive and futuristic shape that communicates exactly the soul of our project: we want to revolutionize the “ready to eat” and “Meal plan delivery” industry giving our customers something they have never tried before. We have envisioned a future where people don’t necessarily have to cook, where houses are built with different comforts and where a full kitchen may not be necessary... A future, everyone can afford.