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Meals in Squares! Innovative "ready to eat" food. SQUAREAT produces tasty meals for people of any age who are seeking a healthy lifestyle. We offer portion-controlled meals that can satisfy all customers, multiple warm up methods and optimization of spaces during transportation and storage. Think that with SQUAREAT you will be able to have a quick bite of broccoli or a salmon snack, but if you want to enjoy a full meal, you can still have the same experience. Our 45g Squares are made with 100% natural ingredients, with all well-preserved nutrients, long lasting without any additives, highly digestible, practical and handy.

The idea behind SQUAREAT comes from people's most common issues. People often struggle dealing with a busy lifestyle trying to keep up with a healthy and proper diet without sacrificing food taste. After experiencing first-hand the inefficiencies of traditional meal plan services, we have seen a clear possibility of disruption in bringing a complete transformation to a sector that is growing tremendously fast, introducing a brand-new concept.

While we get this as “the most common question” it is important for our customers to understand that we focus on three main factors: 1) Functional: The standardized square shape allows the customers to target the nutrients in a faster and more intuitive way. 2) Practical: The Squares are easy to store and to transport from home to any other location. We also vacuum seal them individually in order to give extreme consumption flexibility to our customers. 3) Philosophical and Aesthetic: at an early stage we felt the need to choose which one was the best final form for our concept and it was pretty easy for us to pick the “Square” for several reasons: “Square” is a synonym for “right”, “correct” and that’s what we want to communicate first. Efficiency and transparency are the most important things when it comes to the food business. Despite the skepticism, after trying our Squares for the very first time, customers will realize that we don't offer an alternative to food, but a natural product with a superior quality. The squared shape is the result of the cooking process needed to achieve our goals but is also an attractive and futuristic shape that communicates exactly the soul of our project: preserve nutrients, ensure convenience, guarantee taste and versatility. Our goal is to make people's life easier without sacrificing the taste. Thanks to the squared shape we are able to run a mass production while using innovative gourmet techniques. Thermal shocking process, low temperature cooking and vacuum sealing packing allow us to produce a superior quality food and sell it at an affordable price.

Our Squares are made with 100% natural and healthy ingredients. Thanks to our innovative cooking methods, based on low temperature cooking and thermal shocking, we are able to preserve all nutrients without adding any additives.

Vacuum sealing and thermal shocking allow us to naturally extend the product shelf life keeping the squares fresh for up to 2 weeks.

We don’t use any additives or preservatives and our food is made with 100 % natural ingredients. We vacuum seal every square individually to maximize consumption flexibility. Their uniform squared shape allows the bags to stick perfectly to the product and the total absence of oxygen inside the package extends the food life significantly.

All Squares have different texture. For instance, our Chicken Square has a more tender texture compared to chicken breast, our Salmon Square is a bit thicker, our Vegetables Squares are delicate patties and our nut-based Squares are the smoothest. We spent countless hours perfecting the texture and it's what makes our Squares so unique.

We can transform and standardize almost any type of food. However, our menu will initially have 15 different squares: chicken, beef, salmon, sea bass, basmati rice, sweet potato, quinoa, broccoli & spinach, asparagus, zucchini, vegan burger, chocolate pancake, hazelnut, peanut and pistacchio & cashew. More choices will be available soon and customers can find all the nutritional facts of our existing squares at squareat.com.

Yes, we have an entire subscription dedicated to vegan people, and multiple vegetarian options. We are working on expanding both.

All our Squares are free of: gluten, soy, dairy, shellfish, additives, GMOs and refined sugars. There is no cross-contamination as we produce our Squares individually during separate production stages.

All squares are ready to eat. However, each kind has its own signature preparation method: - Fruit and nuts squares are best eaten directly from the fridge. - Meat and fish are tasty both from the fridge but better if warmed up. - Vegetables and Carbs are best warmed up. The fastest way to warm a Square is 30 seconds in the microwave, 1 minute for 4 Squares, 1.30 minutes for 6. To have a unique experience, we recommend our Chef’s favorite, consisting in heating the vacuum- packed squares in the microwave and then finishing them in a hot pan with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil (included with other sauces in the box) for about 3 minutes to give them a crunchy touch. However, we have different warm-up methods that can suit all different needs: boiled, air fried, microwaved, oven baked or directly in the frying pan. This info along with all nutritional facts and much more, can be found by simply scanning the QR codes located inside the boxes.

SQUAREAT is a subscription model with a Meal Plan delivery Service. Talking about subscriptions, we currently have five, each one composed of 5 assorted meal-boxes available in small (4x45g squares) or regular (6x45g squares) size. Customers can subscribe simultaneously to more than one subscription receiving multiples of 5 meal-boxes per week (5-10-15-20) per each subscription. We are also developing the app that will guide the customers through every step, suggesting what they need to eat based on an algorithm.

At the moment we only provide pre-made meal boxes based on a menu we have developed with high rated Chefs and nutritionists. We are already working on a "Pick Your Own" menu that will soon be available nationwide. Customers will be able to select the Squares they like the most from a wider selection.

All Squares last 2 weeks as long as they are refrigerated and up to 3 months in the freezer. Each meal box will be delivered in our cooler bag that will keep the food at the right temperature until picked up. Thanks to the fact that they are vacuum sealed, their texture and taste won't change significantly. We don’t recommend keeping the Squares out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours.

All our Squares are the reflection of existing foods. It is totally up to the customer preferences to pick what food they like the most and order it in Squares! Our concept is intended to enhance regular food taste through our cooking methods to provide a better alternative compared to the ones available in the market

We deliver your Squares in a unique compostable cardboard box designed to optimize spaces. They are individually vacuum-sealed in 100% Biodegradable bags, free from BPA (a dangerous chemical called Bisphenol A) and safe for food contact. This means we don’t use any plastic. Our bags are ‘ocean friendly’ and they break down within 26 weeks when exposed to a typical sea environment.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. However, if your delivery has already been scheduled, your subscription cancellation will be effective immediately after.

SQUAREAT is not an alternative to food. All Squares are made from 100% natural ingredients and they are not meal replacements (for instance our chicken square is chicken, with the addition of natural spices). The only difference is in the preparation methods and its unique shape. These features allow our products to have: longer shelf life, better preservation of nutrients and consumption flexibility.

SQUAREAT is healthier, tastier, and naturally lasts longer. In addition, we offer portion-controlled meals that can satisfy all customers, multiple warm up choices, and optimization of spaces during transportation and storage. We don’t use any gas or any other dangerous combustion during our cooking process. Our 100% Biodegradable bags individually seal our Squares (avoiding liquid exchange between foods) giving customers more consumption flexibility while respecting nature. Our initiative to move towards a greener world leads to a better refined technology for our future, something we deeply care about.

We are a “Ready to Eat” meal plan delivery service. However, compared to other meal plans, SQUAREAT is healthier, tastier, and naturally lasts longer. In addition we offer portion-controlled meals that can satisfy all customers, multiple warm up choices, and optimization of spaces during transportation and storage. Our production chain runs on minimal waste in food and energetic resources and we are eco-sustainable from production to delivery (which are minimized thanks to our long shelf life). We don’t use any gas or any other dangerous combustion during our cooking process. We seal our product in a 100% recyclable BPA bag (safe for food contact) that allows the customer to have significantly more consumption flexibility. This also avoids liquid exchange between foods. Think that with SQUAREAT you will also be able to have a quick bite of healthy broccoli or a salmon snack, but if you want to enjoy a full meal, you can still have the same experience.

We deliver to almost all states in the US. When you add in your email and zip code on our website, we'll let you know if we can get to you. If we don't quite yet, we'll make sure to reach out once we do. Here’s the list of states we deliver to: Alabama (AL) Arizona (AZ) California (CA) Colorado (CO) Connecticut (CT) Delaware (DE) Florida (FL) Georgia (GA) Idaho (ID) Illinois (IL) Indiana (IN) Iowa (IA) Kansas (KS) Kentucky (KY) Louisiana (LA) Maine (ME) Maryland (MD) Massachusetts (MA) Michigan (MI) Minnesota (MN) Mississippi (MS) Missouri (MO) Montana (MT) Nebraska (NE) Nevada (NV) New Hampshire (NH) New Jersey (NJ) New Mexico (NM) New York (NY) North Carolina (NC) North Dakota (ND) Ohio (OH) Oklahoma (OK) Oregon (OR) Pennsylvania (PA) Rhode Island (RI) South Carolina (SC) South Dakota (SD) Tennessee (TN) Texas (TX) Utah (UT) Vermont (VT) Virginia (VA) Washington (WA) West Virginia (WV) Wisconsin (WI) Wyoming (WY)

Any shipping charges will be available at checkout. Factors include where you're located and the meal plan of your choosing.

We deliver every week on Wednesday/Thursday

All orders placed on or before 11:59 Pm (EST- Eastern Standard Time) on Thursdays, will be delivered the following week. All orders placed after 11:59 Pm (EST- Eastern Standard Time) on Thursdays, will be delivered the next second following week. The exact days we can reach your specific home depends on your zip code and our delivery partners who get the meals to your door. Once your order has been picked up, an email confirmation will be sent to you along with a tracking number and all details regarding your order. Why can't I get my meals delivered on a certain day of the week? Since we use different delivery partners to get the meals to your door, the day of delivery depends on their available shipping days and where you're located.

Shipping takes 1 to 2 days to get to your door, depending on where you live. We've made and tested our packaging to keep meals nice and cool for up to 60 hours - 48 for shipping and 12 hours at your doorstep.While our delivery partners work hard to make sure all our customers receive their orders in that time frame, occasionally unforeseen restrictions can lead to a delay. If for any reason your meals don't get to you in a 2-day time frame, let us know at administration@squareat.com so we can check with the carrier and make sure you receive your order.

Of Course! Any changes to your address can be made by updating your personal profile and your future orders will be updated. If you'd like to double check we can reach your destination, check the zip code of where you'll be staying so we can make sure to reach you wherever you need us to be. Shipping charges may change due to the updated location. If we can't get to you while you're away, you can always skip the weeks you'll be travelling or pause your membership if necessary.

What is the difference between SQUAREAT and regular food?

Our Asparagus Square is cooked with low temperature methods that allow us to preserve all nutrients and taste. The result is an exquisite patty sized in a 45g Square for better consumption flexibility and easier portion control. Since it's ready in minutes, it's a way faster alternative compared to cooking a meal from scratch. Its texture is delicate and softer compared to the regular asparagus. You can eat it on the go or reach your favorite texture by using different warm up methods.